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The statements and opinions expresed herein are merely those of the writer making them and in no way, shape or form should be attributed to the Palestine Neighborhood Development Corporation.
 Thomas E. Bibbs,

Greetings to all readers of this, the first blog written to commemorate the creaion of the Palestine Neighborhood Development Corporation website.  First order of business will be to congraulate all winnners of political seats in the greater Kansas City, Missouri primary race; in particular Senator Shalon 'Kiki' Curls and Representative Brandon Ellington.  We here at PNDC wish them both all the best and continued successes in the future.
                                                  As a co-editor of this blog (along with Duane 'Butch' Ford), let me start off by saying that while I do possess some small measure of computer skill, I do not claim to be adept at web design, with the result that this website will be undergoing changes in efforts to make it as user-friendly as possible at the end of the day.  Keeping this in mind, if there are readers out there that are willing to contribute tips, tricks, cracks and/or hacks that will spruce this site up, I will gladly accept all constructive suggestions and be assured that  any suggestions that I implement into thie site will be credited accordingly.

                                                    On another note, congratulations are also in order for Serena Williams, who celebrated with a FIFTH WIN AT WIMBLEDON, and this month becoming the first African-American woman to win ALL FOUR MAJOR TITLES AND GOLD MEDALS IN DOUBLES AND SINGLES IN THE OLYMPICS.   Now about that; notwithstanding her athletic ability, grace, poise, charm, good looks and her portofolio, it seems the sportswriters have simply got to find something negative to say about the jig she danced following her latest win over maria sharapova.  I have followed professional tennis since the beginning of the Open Era (prior to that time, only professionally ranked players were allowed to enter major tournaments). I watched Arthur Ashe defeat jimmy connors in the final at the U.S, Open; I saw Zina Garrison defeat martina navratilova (at the height of navratilova's career) AND  I watched Serena and Venus climb their way out of the basement to the top of the game, writing history chapters at every appearance. I watched tennis matches played overseas, that were taped by the affiliate stations and broadcast hours laters so that the fans at home could catch them at a reasonable hour. So, will somene PLEASE explain to me why when the final match was played it was aired at three o'clock in the morning domestically WITH THE ONLY AMERICAN PLAYER PLAYING FOR GOLD IN TENNIS WAS SERENA WILLIAMS, but when murray played federer, it was broadcast in prime time?????????? I watched tennis during a time before Cyclops, when let serves were singularly monitored on Centre Court by Fingers Fortescue, and the stations instant replayed various winning shots by the favorites during commericial breaks and change-overs. So, will someone PLEASE  explain to me why when the Williams sisters play, more time is spent replaying the loser's shots than those of the ultimate winners????????????? I watched professional tennis during a time when players were required to wear white on Wimbledon's Centre Court and were made to bow before the Queen of England, regardless of nationality. Those various traditions and customs are long gone and/or selectively implemented, but the point I guess I am trying to make is that the making of a champion involves things that the average person has little, if any true, firsthand knowledge of. With this being the case, I personally don't think that if the female scorer of the winning soccer goal wants to rip her shirt off, she should be villified; or if the winning quarterback wants to CONSISTENTLY get down on one knee in a Christian prayer posture (irrespective of other creeds watching); that he should be villified.  If the THE GREATEST had a tendency to talk trash to his opponents (AND BACK IT UP), I AM NOT GOING TO VILLIFY HIM!  For these reasons, I am at a loss to discern why jason whitlock felt compelled to make an issue of Serena's dancing after coming off THREE HISTORY MAKING WINS in less than a month. Human beings are the only species on the face of the earth with the capacity to laugh and cry; with that being the case, dancing is but an adjunct to laughing. Whitlock described the dance as being the 'Crip Walk', something the average person of another ethnicity would not even know of, but for his descriptor. The woman is a champion in every sense of the word, and with THAT descriptor, comes certain licenses.  I would therefore suggest to mr. whitlock that he confine his writing to the sports aspects of his coverage, and leave the editorializing to the haters............................................................................


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